22/08/2020, 23/08/2020

β€’ "Anti Defection Law in India (22nd August 2020)".

β€’ "An Overview of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (23rd August 2020)".

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5:00 pm, 29/11/2020

β€œRole Of Investigating Agencies In Criminal Justice System"

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1st National Blog Writing Competition.

Last date to Register 21/02/2021

Our aim behind organizing such an event is to enhance the realm of the legal world by widening up the ambit of its area through blogs.


11/09/2020, 13/09/2020

β€’ "Future of Virtual Court Hearings (11th September 2020)".

 β€’ β€œThe Writing Requirement: Addressing the Conundrum of the Correct Form of an Arbitration Agreement (13th September 2020)”.


5:00 pm, 06/12/2020

"Landscape in ADR – A Way Forward"


16/10/2020, 17/10/2020, 18/10/2020

β€’ "Criminal Offences in Companies Act 2013, issues surrounding SFIO, and proposed decriminalization of offences
β€’ β€œBails and UAPA : The New Conundrum
β€’ "Section 69A: Entangled in the Net

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11:00 pm, 20/02/2021

"Criminalizing comedy vis-Γ -vis freedom of speech and expression”

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